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Kara Goss experienced a radical overnight shift in her consciousness. Later she would come to understand that she was going through a spiritual awaking.


Although Kara never had a physical guide, her connection to source brought her much deep peace and transformational guidance that would assist others in having radical and beautiful life changes simply through conversations with her. As her journey unfolded, she found herself stepping more into the path of supporting others.


Today, Kara’s journey has led her to serve as a spiritual mentor offering teachings and transmissions to humanity based on the principles of unity, compassion, the essence of love, and the power of presence held in each now moment; as well as a quantum level energy worker.


Kara knows that we are in a profound evolution of human consciousness and supports teachers, coaches, and individuals to reconnect to the power of their sacred hearts.

The transformational level of consciousness that heals empowers and connects each to a sense of deep inner peace.


The connection guides them out of the conditioned responses of trauma, fear, pain, and suffering and into the transformational levels of leading a deeply empowered life held by the source of the divine within.

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“ I had the opportunity to work close with Kara this summer and found it to be a great source to improve my skills and abilities. Kara has so much information and knowledge, and she is able to convey to you concepts that are very complex, yet easy to grasp. Kara is a great teacher and she models what she teaches. She is clearly from another dimension, disguised as a human. I have grown tremendously since being mentored by Kara and continue to see ripples of the training even to this day. My own discernment of energy, abilities and spiritual growth have expanded in ways that I had not expected. I highly recommend working with Kara; and be prepared to be challenged; be prepared to grow; be prepared to have a great learning experience. ”

Keith E. Smith

aka, The Crystal Warrior

“ I have been working with Kara now for a few months. She is a master at her craft. I have learnt so much from her. Every time I had 1-1 sessions with her or attended her programs it was so impactful. I have grown so much since I connected with Kara. Her healing sessions are life changing. I have been working with many healers and teachers however, Kara is just another level. After each session I felt more expanded due to clearing old beliefs, vows and old dense energies. Her teachings are so profound. I am always blown aways with her wisdom but more importantly her heart and down to earth energy. She is not only an excellent healer, mystic and spiritual teacher but also an amazing mother and heart centered woman. I highly recommend working with Kara. ”

Karolina Blaszkiewicz

Let More Love Into Your Life

Kara Goos Mandela


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