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Kara Goss began her journey via an overnight shift in consciousness, a reality shift that led her into the deep realization that we as human beings are much more powerful than previously believed. 

Guided by the higher intelligence of the universal mind, with no physical teacher appearing for her. Kara was guided and taught the reality and power of energy medicine. Healing her physical body that was long wrought with illness and DNA defects since birth. 

She has made it her mission to bring both the mystical and the physical together to embody the wholeness of who we are at the highest level of consciousness.


Through Kara’s work, not only with herself but for thousands of others; she has realized that healing goes way beyond the physical, mental, and emotional levels of the body. Rather, the entire organism of who and what we are within this physical material world consists of 12 vast fields  of energy and intelligence that make up the vastness and wholeness of the biology of the human body composed within the time-space universe as well as beyond. 


It is through this work we can connect to an infinite supply of energy, that embodies various types of information that allows for a greater return to wholeness and well being. Information that guides us to seek out more loving and harmonious thoughts and actions for ourselves that lead us into the harmony of life. 


She has also served as a guide for thousands by supporting them through the mystical realms, especially for those dealing with lower entities and energies. 
While this topic is debated in many of the world views, for the mystic, it is as true for them as a robber holding a gun to them in the material life. Thus, sending off the fight or flight system and decreasing their energy all over again. Creating more fear, beliefs, and traumas that impact the harmony and resonance of the whole of our well-being. Kara has supported many out of fear and into non attached viewing while in the mystical worlds to fully embrace the direct remembrance of their own light and power within. 


With many things being witnessed by the mystic, yet seeing and following the same patterns and pathways as the pineal reads the frequency and interprets the messages as images; Kara noticed a pattern, that many of the “blockages” held within the outer templates of the energy bodies were really just lower vibratory energies and that everyone she was working with were all reading the same way, but with a different belief or concept behind them as the mind attempts to understand the unknown becoming known. 


Meaning, for Kara, that these were not some made up in the mind anomaly but really more and more were tuning in to the true expanded nature of the vast energy fields that create the physical matter of the body. 


Through teaching people how to place their attention within the inner body as well as the outer energetic fields, learning to become aware as an observer to the mind and body, many have been able to transform the various aspects held within the fields of energy that are always creating the matter of the physicality, they were able to increase the amount of light around their field, the light that carries new information and new signals to the body, mind, and spirit, they connect with the new information that creates a new awareness, and a new choice for change, new emotions, new thoughts, and restored well being. 


It is through this, and through the heart, that we create a better life, a better reality, and a better humanity. As we embrace the love, unity, and sovereignty of the infinite love as that energy that we were made and will inevitably restore our bodies, minds, and hearts. 


This is human evolution, and we are evolving. That evolution will empower us to realize that our ability to tap into higher frequencies, higher information can heal and transform us like never before.

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I'm so grateful for Kara. She is always there for you. Kara is an amazing healing and mentor. She is full of so much love and understanding. She never makes you feel less than. I can't thank her enough with everything she's helped me with hearth, I am truly blessed to have met Kara.


Kara, I thank you so much for this. You are a truly amazing gifted woman. The work you did on me was completely astounding. I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after you were done. No doctor or pain pills could offer me complete relief of not only my pain, but my stress. I would definitely recommend…

Dawn, United Kingdom

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Coming to see Kara always makes me feel better.. physically, emotionally and spiritually! better yet she gives me the tools I need at the time to keep moving forward in my journey

April Ritzman

I truly believe we meet that one person who is here to help you and comes along at just the right moment in your life.  When I heard Kara say, “frequency fence” in an interview, I knew I needed to have a session with her. I can only hope you choose to work with her as I did.

Niki Lamonica

Kara is always willing to help she is genuine and kind.. with Kara it’s about helping people on their Journeys to become self empowered and aware, she truly cares about you and your journey. She has helped so many of my friends and myself. I recommend her to all my friends.

Robin Hockey

Kara Goos Mandela


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