A session with Kara primarily focuses upon supporting you with the re-connection back to your soul with the practices of aligned transformative and robust guidance to encourage each to come into the power of the present moment. However, Kara fully understands that various energetic programs and distortions at various points of healing body, mind, and spirit are also a reality upon awakening. Should these arise, as they typically do, as you go through the awaking process and accessing a deeper dimension of consciousness, Kara will support you with clearing them. BUT, when working with Kara, please remember the goal is to empower you! To guide you to the remembrance and deep inner empowerment that each NOW moment brings you.


Kara's primary objective in working with anyone is that they become empowered and present with their inner divine connection and the inner power that supports them to heal body, mind, and spirit. The present moment of the NOW. Unity, Compassion, And Dive love. Kara's mission is being a Teacher and a healer of deep divine love, she will support you with energetics but she will be there to empower you to connect with the divine love that you truly are in every now moment.


Healing Sessions may include:

*Guidance on energetic maintenance

*Vows and contract release

*Energy clearing Chakra and aura clearing and repair

*Body Conciousness

* Akashic records healing for past life issues, creating problematic experiences in this life (NOTE: I DO NOT DO RECORDS READINGS FOR FUN. I WILL ONLY EVER ACCESS THE RECORDS IF THERE IS A REASON TO DO SO

*Ancestor/ lineage clearing

*Quantum level clearings

*Learning to balance human and spiritual life

*I AM Guidance 


*Sessions can be scheduled to connect with Kara for understanding, conversation, mentorship, or advice. If you are interested in Kara's mentoring in her three-month mentorship program, you may email her at kara@karagoss.com for details. She does not advertise this as she only takes a limited number of people at a time. 



When Kara experienced her overnight awakening, she was very ill, depressed, and lost everything around her. Through the power of the present moment and trusting in the still inner call, she was able to heal her physical, mental, and emotional self. Her process was always guided by the power of the present moment, by the essence of love, compassion, learning deep forgiveness, and the power of a deep inner connection to the source. Kara's process was twofold. She became the observer of healing with energy tools and techniques that would become the methods she uses today to assist others. 

As she watched, the witnessed presence of the energies would heal her body, her mind, and her spirit. Kara's life has been transformed by being the witness to energy clearing, which was occurring as she stayed as the observer in the present moment, taught her in the present moment. Kara always wishes to express to all that we do not clear forever. It is only a process to assist in our transformation of deeper dimensional states of being. Until we can anchor the deep connection of the essence of love, unity, harmony, transformation, and the profound evolution of each consciousness going through the transformation of consciousness, working with Kara will take many forms. But Kara's primary focus is supporting you to the remembrance and connection to the present moment through acceptance, surrender, unity, embodiment, and deep soul level empowerment for yourself and all others. 


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I'm so grateful for Kara. She is always there for you. Kara is an amazing healing and mentor. She is full of so much love and understanding. She never makes you feel less than. I can't thank her enough with everything she's helped me with hearth, I am truly blessed to have met Kara.


Kara, I thank you so much for this. You are a truly amazing gifted woman. The work you did on me was completely astounding. I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after you were done. No doctor or pain pills could offer me complete relief of not only my pain, but my stress. I would definitely recommend…

Dawn, United Kingdom

Energy Healing Services

Coming to see Kara always makes me feel better.. physically, emotionally and spiritually! better yet she gives me the tools I need at the time to keep moving forward in my journey

April Ritzman

I truly believe we meet that one person who is here to help you and comes along at just the right moment in your life.  When I heard Kara say, “frequency fence” in an interview, I knew I needed to have a session with her. I can only hope you choose to work with her as I did.

Niki Lamonica

Kara is always willing to help she is genuine and kind.. with Kara it’s about helping people on their Journeys to become self empowered and aware, she truly cares about you and your journey. She has helped so many of my friends and myself. I recommend her to all my friends.

Robin Hockey

Kara Goos Mandela


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