The Empowered Empath Releasing Toxic Relationships With Quantum Energy Clearing

Recorded Workshop

Do you feel anger, sadness, trauma, and other unresolved, heavy emotions that you just can't let go of after leaving a toxic relationship? 


In this webinar, we discuss the five most significant behavior patterns of an unhealed empath, the empath/Narcissistic, spiritual ego with twin flame dynamics, and more. Most importantly, we discuss how it can liberate you and heal, grow, and develop healthy patterns of behavior that invite loving, balanced, and harmonious relationships in your life.

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  • Instant Access Of The Recording

  • Limited spaces: No Limits

Etheric Template/Etheric Body Psychic Surgery Empowerment Journey

Recorded Workshop

We are so much more than the physical, mental, emotional. There are also other fields of energy that surround us that create the whole reality of our own Universe and our well-being. We are in fact limitless.

Yet, there are 12 different templates or spheres of energy that create our time space matrix.

  • Price: $44

  • Instant Access Of The Recording

  • Limited spaces: No Limits

Activating the 15D Spherical Seal of Source.

Recorded Webinar

This webinar was hosted by Steve Nobel and Kara Goss in June of 2019.


Activating the Seal of Source: “We direct your conscious awareness out your Rishi body of the 5th Harmonic Universe, by connecting with each dimensional space individually. This ensures that a conscious connection is being made to all 12 levels and layers of the DNA and energy fields. Next, we link up to the Trinity of the 13th, 14th and 15th dimensions of Mother, Father Source and Christed Consciousness. Once connected here, we run the trinity wave back down through each level of your divine being, neutralizing any and all interference patterns. We then activate the three fold flame within the heart and pulse this out and flood your body with the True Golden Ray of the Christ……” Kara Goss.



In this package you receive the following recordings: An attunement, the talk (with Q+A), and the main transmission of the 15D Spherical Seal of Source.

  • Payment Plan Sliding Scale: $44.44, $33.33, $ 11.11

  • Instant Access Of The Recording

  • Limited spaces: No Limits

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I have been working hard over the past several years to heal my wounds from my past, current day and through my ancestral lines. Kara’s unique gifts and abilities quickly identified the key issues I needed to work through emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  I have seen many healers, psychics and shamans through the years. Until now I only got pieces of information. Kara quickly identified the entire picture of what I needed to work on and with much grace and love communicated what had occurred, the impact then and now for this life time and multiple past lives.  She delivers this information and is able to relate to you as if holding your hand and holding the needed space  for you to digest and incorporate the information with much care and without any judge. She then helped me to heal physically.  I feel as if a great weight has been lifted and I can now move foreword in a much more loving and holistic way to create abundance in my life.  
Much thanks and gratitude!

Monica Martin 

I'm so grateful for Kara. She is always there for you. Kara is an amazing healing and mentor. She is full of so much love and understanding. She never makes you feel less than. I can't thank her enough with everything she's helped me with hearth, I am truly blessed to have met Kara.


Kara, I thank you so much for this. You are a truly amazing gifted woman. The work you did on me was completely astounding. I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after you were done. No doctor or pain pills could offer me complete relief of not only my pain, but my stress. I would definitely recommend…

Dawn, United Kingdom

Energy Healing Services

Coming to see Kara always makes me feel better.. physically, emotionally and spiritually! better yet she gives me the tools I need at the time to keep moving forward in my journey

April Ritzman

I truly believe we meet that one person who is here to help you and comes along at just the right moment in your life.  When I heard Kara say, “frequency fence” in an interview, I knew I needed to have a session with her. I can only hope you choose to work with her as I did.

Niki Lamonica

Kara is always willing to help she is genuine and kind.. with Kara it’s about helping people on their Journeys to become self empowered and aware, she truly cares about you and your journey. She has helped so many of my friends and myself. I recommend her to all my friends.

Robin Hockey

Kara Goos Mandela


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